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Biryani or Pulao?

We are sure that every time you visit the best Indian Restaurant in Harris Park, this must be the question in your mind. And based on your preferences, you might have selected the option for you.

But have you tried to figure out why we pronounce similar dishes with different names? Well, if this question excites you and you don’t have the answer to it, then you are in the right place.

Here we are going to discuss and explore the difference between pulao and biryani.

Explore The Difference Between Biryani & Pulao

 Before moving further, those who think that biryani and pulao are two different names for similar dishes, then you are wrong because biryani and pulao are both completely different.

Let’s now explore the difference between biryani and pulao:

  • Everyone thinks that both biryani and pulao are driven from India only, but biryani is the dish that was discovered in India amongst the areas populated with Muslims, while pulao was discovered in central Asia.
  • The major difference that you will notice between biryani and pulao is its cooking technique. Biryani is usually cooked in layers; the first layer of biryani would be chicken, and the second layer would be cooked rice; later, they will keep on adding the layers as per the quantity and taste.
  • On the other hand, pulao is cooked by mixing everything at once. And in pulao, mostly raw material is used, and later it’s cooked in a pan or pressure cooker.
  • Biryani is mostly cooked using traditional methods, and if you want to taste the best Indian food in Harris Park, then Zaika Indian Restaurant is the perfect option for you.
  • Another major difference between biryani and pulao is that in biryani, more spices are used. On the other hand, in pulao, very light spices are added.
  • The cooking times of both biryani and pulao are also different. In biryani, it takes a lot of time to cook because of its ingredients, such as chicken mainly. While on the other hand, pulao can be cooked easily within 30-50 minutes.
  • The preparation for both dishes is different. When you are cooking biryani, you would have to first get the chicken, marinate it or roast it properly; on the other hand, you would have to work on cutting and frying onions, collecting spices, half-cooking rice, and many more.
  • When we talk about the procedure of pulao, you would just have to cut the vegetables to add and collect a few spices and rice. In the next step, you can directly start cooking pulao.

 We hope you were able to understand the difference between pulao and biryani with the help of our blog. Would love to know if you are a biryani lover or a pulao lover.

If you are looking for the best Indian food, such as biryani or pulao, Zaika Indian Restaurant is the perfect place for you to visit.

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