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Must-Try Indian Starters in Harris Park, Sydney

Around 20-25% of Sydney’s population are Indians, and most are looking for authentic Indian starters & food items to try out.

If you are a foodie Indian in Sydney or someone who wants to try out Indian Food in Harris Park, then stay connected with us as we are going to share a list of must-try Indian starters that are going to make you feel like you are sitting in India only.

Must-Try Indian Starters in Harris Park, Sydney

When we talk about Indian cuisine or starters, we tend to develop a never-ending list of food items. But here we are going to share some of the most famous and loved Indian starters offered by the best Indian Restaurant in Harris Park, Sydney.

  • Chilli Chicken:

Looking for the best Indian-style chicken that is filled with authentic spices? If yes, try chili chicken, filled with a proper mixture of spices added to the well-cooked and juicy chicken.

This chicken will make you feel like you are sitting in a Punjabi dhaba in India because most of this chili chicken’s spices and cooking technique is picked from Punjab.

So if you are looking forward to trying out Indian Punjabi-style chicken starters, chili chicken is the perfect option.

  • Dahi Puri:

If you are an Indian, you must be aware of Dahi Puri and all the different tastes you get with just the first bite. Dahi Puri is made up of crispy deep-fried puris filled with curd, masalas, onions, mashed potatoes, and many more such things that become a perfect combination of tastes.

  • Paneer Tikka:

When you are looking for the best vegetarian Indian starters, Paneer tikka is the top option for you. At Zaika Indian Restaurant in Harris Park, you get the best paneer tikka made up of soft and creamy paneer wrapped with spices all over and grilled, which gives you the perfect smoky taste.

  • Aloo Palak Tikka:

Most of the Indians in Sydney love food items and starters made up of potatoes. So for them, we have aloo palak tikka, grilled potatoes wrapped around with spices, and a palak mixture that gives the perfect tangy taste to potatoes.

  • Beetroot Kebab:

If you are looking for a healthy Indian starter option in Harris Park, Beetroot Kebab is the perfect option for you. Most people think that beetroot kebab tastes sweet, but at Zaika Indian Restaurant, you can get an excellent taste of this healthy option.

  • Calcutta Fish Fry:

At last, we have a fish fry option for all fish lovers. To be specific, this fish fry is made using a special recipe from Calcutta which is extremely spicy and makes you feel the heat.

When looking for a spicy starter option, make sure to order Calcutta Fish Fry.


Although Sydney has several Indian restaurants, but at Zaika Indian Restaurant in Harris Park, you would be able to get authentic Indian-style food items that are cooked using the same recipes and methods as in India.

Harris Park Indian Food Indian Restaurant Restaurant

Use These Tips To Design Your Restaurant To Attract More Customers

It’s important to take your customers’ preferences into account when planning the design of your restaurant. Customers who have been pleased with the delectable meal and the accompanying visual, aural, olfactory, and tactile stimuli are likely to come back again. These same pleased clients will spread the word about you and grow your business.

When potential consumers are exposed to a welcoming exterior, large windows displaying an aesthetically beautiful interior, an alluring aroma of your baked products floating through the air, and alluring acoustics, foot traffic from the street will also improve.


The five senses that people have are sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. To give your target audience a satisfying sensory experience, it’s critical to appeal to all of their senses while marketing to them. The design of restaurants usually pays the most attention to the sense of sight. Whether your restaurant is themed or wants to reach a particular design décor, such as casual or exquisite, this is the feeling that is most straightforward to engage in. A restaurant with a theme can be based on the Caribbean, the Amazon jungle, or Tuscany.

Taste And Smell:

Taste and smell are related senses that are sometimes ignored in the interior design process. As all senses are employed when eating, taste and smell go hand in hand. Customers will return for food that tastes nice. The brain region that controls motivation, emotions, and other sensations are impacted by smell. People frequently link strong emotional memories to their sense of smell, such as the aroma of cookies baking in the kitchen. The smell may define a place and give it personality. The strong aroma of coffee and pastries typically distinguishes coffee shops like Starbucks, the same as the aroma of smoky BBQ distinguishes a restaurant serving steak or barbecued ribs. The usage of scents and other odors can help create a pleasurable atmosphere.


Human emotions are strongly influenced by sound as well. A very well song can frequently bring back vivid memories, and the style, tempo, and genre of music can create a specific atmosphere. Music can be used in a variety of settings to create the desired ambiance and tone. Classical music may be used to create a formal atmosphere in an upscale, sophisticated restaurant, whereas soft jazz may be used in a café to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Classic rock n’ roll will be played either through a sound system or an actual jukebox at select themed establishments, such as 1950s diners. To entice customers, music might also be played on outdoor speakers.


Lastly, the sense of touch is another important but frequently overlooked component of restaurant design. This can be best included by using building materials with texture, especially in areas where guests can reach and touch it on the inside and exterior. An upscale contemporary restaurant’s seating arrangement will typically include plush, upholstered restaurant chairs or restaurant booths.

Choosing the interior design option for an Indian Restaurant In Harris Park is an important choice. You must make patrons a more complete and enjoyable sensory experience because it has a direct impact on the environment of Indian Food In Harris Park. We truly hope that our article helped you make a wise decision!

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